Good day ! And might it be night : good night then ! This, is a temporary
choice of texts and images chosen to give you an impression of my life 
and works. My life is dedicated to music, poetry , painting and people; none 
of these agents entirely on their own. No people without poetry, painting or 
music. No poetry without people, music and painting etcetera. The centre of
the world I live in is Rotterdam. Situated on the banks of a confluent of
rivers Meuse and Rhine, fluvial traffic from Germany, Belgium and France 
continuously floats through the city of Rotterdam, mainport  Europe. 
Close to the North-Sea, Rotterdam is a fruitcocktail of nationalities, musical 
and poetical influences, thus making it a delicious place to live and work.

My aim

is to please and nothing but to please. As the world has known talents like
Paul CÚzanne, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Kurt Schwitters only
a most humble role suits me as a painter and likely the lyrics of Rainer
Maria von Rilke, Charles Beaudelaire,Arthur Rimbaud, William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson and Bob Dylan force me in a position of careful examining and exploring my lyrical possibilities. In fact I still feel obedient to the lines in my schoolbook on literature: "An author should reflect the vibrations of the spirit of his times."
And so I try to follow the daily news as far as I am able, switch to foreign newswhenever I feel Dutch news has grown a routine and dull and explore literature in directions fortune leads me. I am a nine to fiver in the
Rotterdam City Archive where I start the day by making excerpts from 17th-century notarian archives. The rest of the day I show visitors where to find the genealogical data the archive has stored on microfilm in order to protect the original registers from falling apart by extended intensive use.  

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